Superstar Receptionist

“This week was the second time I’ve been to the Laurel Regional Workforce Center and it was wonderful. Not only because the POAC sessions were great but also because of your superstar receptionist, Claudia Marin.

She is a terrific first impression for the Center and for any people who are under the stigma of the dreaded unemployment. Claudia welcomes people warmly and directs them to the correct location.”

Thank you Ms. Dee!

Ms. Dee is a standout member of the direct customer service staff because she has a very direct and cordial manner, as well as an entrepreneurial mindset.

-Dee has helped contribute to what will now amount to 35 job orders posted from a seemingly random walk-in. The area manager for XXXX walked into the One Stop with questions and she was directed to me. The conversation resulted in a successful recruitment event with another to come this week – 15 job orders. Additionally, thanks in large part to Dee’s deft handling of our visitor, we are going to handle the 20 additional job orders in conjunction with counterparts in Baltimore City.”

Résumé Tips

 “Thank you.   I was waiting to hear back on if I had the job when I attended your workshop, but I found the résumé tips to be very helpful.   I made changes to the format and started to get more hits from recruiters.  In fact, another company expressed interest in making me an offer today.”