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Employ Prince George’s Workforce Wire Podcast serves as a platform to create an open dialogue between job seekers and businesses. Join Walter L. Simmons, Executive Director of Prince George’s County Workforce Development Board and President & CEO of Employ Prince George’s Inc., as he interviews leaders in both private and public sector workforce development, education, economic and business development on key workforce issues that matter to YOU.

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The Workforce Wire Season 2 E2: "Walking In My Shoes" - Qiana Johnson

Part 1 of Walking in My Shoes features Qiana Johnson, founder of Life After Release, Inc. Life After Release provides reentry services to formerly incarcerated Prince George's County residents and was founded by Qiana after she couldn't find the services she needed once released from incarceration.

Join The Workforce Wire as Qiana shares her story of incarceration and subsequent return to the community. Discover the policy changes that need to happen to help individuals successfully integrate back into society upon release from imprisonment and the support that is needed from the community.


Join The Workforce Wire as President & CEO, Walter Simmons, and the Honorable Candace B. Hollingsworth, Mayor, City of Hyattsville, engage in a candid discussion on what will change, the role of black elected officials, and policy recommendations to decrease systemic racism.


Join President & CEO, Walter Simmons and EPG’s Education and Training Manager, Martin Copeland III tomorrow as they discuss LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace, what people are experiencing and pathways and resources to make changes that prepare and protect everyone in the workplace.


According to the Washington Post, Latinos make up for 10% of the population and third of all Coronavirus cases in the DC Metropolitan Region.

This episode includes the expert opinion of Prince George’s County District Two Councilmember, The Honorable Deni L. Taveras, in a discussion about why the Coronavirus is disproportionately affecting the Latino Community, the lasting impacts of the virus, and what can be done to prevent the spread.


The Prince George’s County Local Workforce Development Board in partnership with Employ Prince George’s (EPG) dedicates the month of March as ReEntry Month in Prince George’s County, Maryland by hosting a series of events dedicated to helping returning citizens get back into the workforce. This year we decided to interview former returning citizens, Sheldon McDowell and Dajaune Goode, that have completed the Employ Prince George's Pathway to Success Program and have transitioned successfully back into society. The intervew is conducted by ReEntry Coordinator Provider, Pete Goodson, and Community Outreach specialist, Lawrence Barbour.


In this episode, you'll discover how to use social media in your job search. Discover do's and don'ts when it comes to using social media as a job seeker, and nontraditional methods of searching for employment. You'll also learn about DMV Job Connections, a Facebook group with over 60,000 members, that can assist you in your search for employment.

EPG's The Workforce Wire SEASON 1 E10: Tips & Techniques for Securing a Federal Job

Many people dream of obtaining a federal job, and many people achieve this dream, but many don’t. This episode will discuss tools and tips to help job seekers successfully gain employment with the federal government. The guest is Kathryn Troutman, President, The Resume Place.

EPG's The Workforce Wire SEASON 1 E09: Registered Apprenticeships 101

“Apprenticeship" is arguably the most popular word in workforce development today. But what is an Apprenticeship? More importantly, what is a Registered Apprenticeship? This episode will discuss registered apprenticeships, types of registered apprenticeships and implementing registered apprenticeships locally.

EPG's The Workforce Wire SEASON 1 E08: Nontraditional Apprenticeships - Diversity In Trades

Commonly people associate apprenticeships with the building trades and men. This episode will discuss nontraditional apprenticeship occupations and how to integrate women, minorities and other demographics into apprenticeships. The guest is Emma Brennan, Women in the Trades Project Manager at Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO.

EPG's The Workforce Wire SEASON 1 E07: Organizational Development- Building a Strong Nonprofit

Wendy Wolff, Director of Strategic Engagement for Maryland Nonprofits, joins the program to discuss the mission and vision of her organization, as well as the various opportunities that are available working with nonprofits in the region. Wendy speaks about the Standards for Excellence accreditation and the benefits of that accreditation for nonprofits. She also reveals the most common mistakes that nonprofits make when incorporating, and what you need to consider when starting a nonprofit.

EPG's The Workforce Wire SEASON 1 E06: The Successful Millennial: Government Officials

Millennials are commonly the reference of negative connotations in today's workforce. The Success Millennial is a New Wire series dedicated to highlighting successful millennials while providing tips to assist in the development and growth of millennials in the workforce. This episode will discuss careers in government and how millennials can achieve success with the public sector.
This episode features an interview with Erin Roth, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Maryland Department of Labor & Ryan Middleton, Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, Office of the Prince George's County Executive.

EPG's The Workforce Wire SEASON 1 E05: The Art of the Hustle

E05: The Art of The Hustle- Meet Daquanna Harrison, Founder, Elevation Educational Consulting Group

This episode features an interview with Daquanna Harrison, Founder, Elevation Educational Consulting Group as she discusses her journey as an entrepreneur, and tips and takeaways for finding success when starting your own business.

EPG’s The Workforce Wire SEASON 1 E04: The Successful Millennial (Elected Officials Edition)

#Millennials are commonly the reference of negative stereotypes in today’s workforce. At the #WorkforceWire, Employ Prince George’s in-house produced podcast series, we’re debunking the myths that surround Millennials by showcasing Successful Millennials in Government, Nonprofit and Workforce Development.

Episode 4 of EPG’s the Workforce Wire, features a candid conversation between Three successful male Millennials working in Prince George’s County: the Honorable Shawn Maldon, Mayor of Capitol Heights, MD, the Honorable Jazz Lewis, Delegate, District 24, Maryland House of Delegates and Walter Simmons, President & CEO of Employ Prince George’s.

This episode will discuss the process and effort it takes to become an elected official and what happens after becoming elected.

EPG’s The Workforce Wire SEASON 1 E03: Engaging & Preparing Disconnected Youth for Employment

#TheWorkforceWire, we feature Employ Prince George’s in house youth expert Martin Copeland III, who discusses tips and techniques to engage and prepare Out of School Youth for employment!

So who are out of school or disconnected #youth? They are youth ages 18 to 24 who are not enrolled in school or employed. They became priorities of workforce systems across the country with the enactment of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014. So, how do we engage and prepare our disconnected youth for employment? Listen below to find out!

EPG’s The Workforce Wire SEASON 1 E02: Industry Spotlight: Advanced Manufacturing

This episode features an interview with Shay Curry, Manager of Human Resources, Aerospace Group – Fluid and Electrical Distribution Division at Eaton Manufacturing.

Discover the opportunities and career pathways within advanced manufacturing, the positions that Eaton Aerospace posts most frequently, and what makes advanced manufacturing different from other jobs and industries.

EPG's The Workforce Wire SEASON 1 E01: 2020 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Update

This episode features an interview with Tiffany Harvey, Legislative Director, Office of the Prince George's County Executive. Tiffany provides an overview of the outcomes of the 2019 Maryland General Assembly, including the laws that were passed, the laws that weren't passed and the laws that were pushed for 2020. The discussion includes a conversation about the positive and negative effects of these outcomes.


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