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Do you know what career you want to explore? Find out what you like to do and explore your career interests and how they relate to the world of work. Click below and check out the link!

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Simplify your search efforts by placing valuable search resources at your fingertips. Get access to the latest job postings registered with Prince George’s Job Link, review postings statewide or take a national approach.

Industry Bridge Programs

Are you looking for a career in the construction industry? Or the sustainable energy industry? What about a career in IT? Click below to get more information and learn how to apply for an Industry Bridge Program!

Between Jobs

Life between jobs can be challenging and stressful. To learn how to apply for unemployment compensation, coping mechanisms for handling the associated stress, job search resources, and community organizations that can help bridge the gap with issues that make returning to work more difficult, visit here!

Career Centers

Are you looking for employment? When you visit the American Job Center Largo we will ask the right questions to quickly assist you in achieving your employment goals. We are here for you!


Selecting the right career for you can be a job in itself. We would like to make this aspect of your transition into new employment a little simpler. The Resource Library is filled with information to search for a job, review current salary data and know the “hot" occupations in Prince George’s County, link to financial sources for continuing education opportunities, and job preparation info.

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