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Employ Prince George’s Inc. specializes in the field of addressing the most significant business need – building and retaining qualified talent. The Office of Business Services offers businesses in Prince George’s County and the surrounding Washington Metropolitan Area, or those relocating to the area, completely integrated talent support solutions and highly-skilled Business Consultants to help you compete and grow.

Whether your business needs help recruiting specialized talent, hiring new team members, training existing employees, or all three, the Office of Business Services can help. Our team of business and economic development professionals can offer expertise, funding and resources – including labor market data – to help your business succeed. We recognize that each and every business and career seeker is unique, and we take the time to customize a plan and solution to meet your needs.

For years, the Office of Business Services has provided businesses with professional services, grant funding and physical resources worth many millions of dollars in total value.

The Office of Business Services connects you to multiple solutions. You can apply for just one of our programs, or take advantage of all available services for an integrated talent support solution that’s tailored to your company’s specific goals. Take your business to the next level by partnering with us in proven workforce solutions that improve the skills of your staff, boost productivity, and increase the efficiency of your business.

September 7, 2017

Walter Simmons, Executive Director, Division of Workforce Services, received some wonderful news from the Maryland DLLR (Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation) about the work of our business services team.

The business services team, led by Jeffrey Swilley, provided 5,520 services to 936 businesses last year. This was an increase of 78 businesses served and 1,394 services delivered over the previous year.

Additionally, our local business unit equated to 1/8 of the total amount of business services for the entire State of Maryland. That is a remarkable increase and an amazing accomplishment, significant enough for DLLR to notify Walter Simmons.

Congratulations to the entire business team!
meet our team

Charmin Lloyd

  • Lead Business Consultant
  • Industry Cluster: Industry Cluster

Jacqueline Davis

  • Business Consultant
  • Industry Cluster: Transportation/Warehouse, Manufacturing

Michael S. Preston

  • Youth Business Consultant

John Rivers

  • Business Consultant

Darren M. Swain

  • Business Consultant

Skylar Wyche

  • Business Consultant
  • Industry Cluster: Healthcare; IT

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